Ireland Adventure Therapy

6 Days

Tour Ireland Coastline

Enjoy a few days in a different dimension. Cruise Ireland’s coastline in a modern yacht, stopping off at iconic venues. Treat the journey as a mini-break, tick off a bucket list or training for your day skipper or yachtmaster qualifications.

Explore the Rugged Coastline of Ancient Ireland

East Coast

Set sail from Belfast Lough, heading south through Donaghadee Sound and past Skullmartin. The first stop will be Ardglass, to appreciate the beauty of the Mournes, where the mountains sweep down to the sea.

Progressing further south, Rockabill will be our first Irish landmark as we head towards the Fair City. Howth is our planned port for the evening, just outside Dublin Bay. Plenty of time for some Bewleys and Guinness before the tide turns.

Day three will bring us past Bray, Wicklow, Arklow and Wexford, to stop at the quaint fishing village of Kilmore Quay. We’re now around the corner and on the south coast of Ireland – break out the factor 50.

There are good links to bus and trains from here to Belfast, so this is a good opportunity to jump ship if you haven’t found your sealegs    🙁


Tory Island is well worth a visit, despite the dubious Vanishing House mystery. Passing the mouth of Lough Swilly, we leave Irish waters and cross into the seaside town of Portrush, to enjoy an ice cream on the promenade.

Moving along the North Coast, we pass the Giant’s Causeway and continue on to Rathlin Island, where we will see a multitude of puffins.

We will experience the epic tidal streams off Torr Head as the tide pulls us South towards Belfast. We will sail past the iconic shipyard cranes as we approach our final berth at Titanic Quarter. We’ve made it home and those tired eyes are smiling. 🙂


Do I need any experience?

For the longer passages, it would be preferable to have some similar experience. Try sailing around Ireland with Following Seas to gain vital experience. It’s different every time, so nobody has seen it all before. A level head, common sense and a healthy respect for the elements will go a long way.

How do I know if I will be sick or not?

If you can read a book in the passenger seat of a car without feeling queasy, then you’ll probably be ok. If the lift in the car park has you crying for mercy, you’re going to need some tablets… and probably a friend to hold your hair back.

Can I see my aunt in Cork?

That depends. How strong a swimmer is she?

What if we run out of water?

Say a prayer and it’ll fall from the sky. If you haven’t prayed for a while and prefer to remain firmly connected to technology, we could run the watermaker. It’s cleaner than your tapwater and no chlorine.

What if we run out of food?

Ireland has about 3000 restaurants, 3000 grocery stores, 1500 petrol stations and 7000 pubs. We should be able to track down a packet of crisps to keep us alive.

What if the boat is late?

I’m sorry, but that’s entirely possible. You should never sail on a timetable and I’m not going to risk anyone’s life to meet a deadline. There are rest days built into the timetable, which we can use to catch up some time. We will try to keep you informed as best we can. The boat can also be tracked at all times on various apps.

How do I get home?

We can plan intermediate drop-off points convenient to local services; buses, trains, etc. If you go into the nearest pub, someone may offer to give you a lift. Or you might be in the same pub 3 days later wondering how you got there…

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