Party on a Boat - 1 Day

Choose this unique location for your special event; birthday party, anniversary or valentine’s day. Our crew will remain on the boat to cater for your needs.

Party on a Boat

Bring your best party playlist and we will sail you out of earshot of the town, so you can pump up the volume. The Bose sound system has enough power to make your ears bleed and full colour LED lights for fans of psychedelia. We will give you an evening meal on the boat and provide unlimited soft drinks. You can also bring your own drink if you wish. We will organise a few games and ask everyone to bring their best party tricks. Be warned; anyone who thinks about trashing the boat will be made to walk the plank!



  • Trip highlights include not being mowed down by the Stena Superfast Ferry and finding the skipper's stash of rum.

We will have a quick snack on the boat when the party arrives.
There will be a safety briefing, where we try to scare the wits out of anyone who thinks it might be fun to jump overboard in his birthday suit.
With everyone duly subdued, we will untie the lines and set sail out of Carrickfergus marina.
If it is a wedding anniversary or engagement party, we expect the couple to replicate Titanic scene, with Jack & Rose at the bow as we sail away.
After a short sail we will find a quiet spot to drop anchor, where we are less likely to be run over by ferries or container ships.
We will then serve you an evening meal from a preset menu. Please advise us beforehand if you have any special dietery needs or allergies. While it may be fun to watch your face puff up like a balloon as you tuck into Snickers ice cream, the NHS just don’t have enough floating ambulances to cope with the demand.
There will be a few games and general nonsense as we try to get the stag/hen/birthday girl/happy couple to make complete fools of themselves for our entertainment. Unfortunately, there’s not much room for ballroom dancing on a sailboat, so imagine practicing your best 80’s disco moves in your bedroom and you get the idea.

Just in case it all goes a bit Pete Tong, we have a qualified first-aider on board. We would also appreciate a heads-up if anyone is taking any medication or has any conditions we should be aware of.

We don’t want to spoil the fun, but we try to wrap it up before anyone turns into a pumpkin.

Are there toilets aboard?

Yes, we have two heads (toilets) aboard. One electric, à la Japan 😊 and one manual. Marine toilets are a new experience for many people. You need to pump out the bowl when you’ve finished and pump fresh water back in again. Toilet roll should be kept to a minimum, or at least flush after every few sheets.

Will we be sailing?

No, the boat will be tied up at the marina for the evening.

Do we need to bring food?

Snacks and a light lunch will be provided aboard, within the package price. Evening meal and breakfast is included within the overnight package. If you have any special dietary requirements, please advise us beforehand, or bring your own food if you wish.

Is there any drink onboard?

Soft drinks will be included with the evening meal. You can bring your own bottle if you wish.

Do I need to be able to swim?

No, most of the old sailors believed it was better to die quickly if you fell overboard. Swimming would only prolong the agony.

Do I need a lifejacket?

We will provide lifejackets, but see note above about swimming. Please stay on the boat. 😊

Do we need any previous experience?

No, we will sail the yacht, allowing you to look around you and enjoy the experience.

Will we be trained?

This is not a training course, but we hope that you will learn a few things along the way, even about yourself. If you think sailing could be your new hobby and you want to take it further, we will be happy to advise.

Where do we meet?

We will meet you at the gates to the marina, beside the West Marina Car Park and Windrose Bar, in Carrickfergus. If you require transport, we have a 9-seater VW Transporter and we can collect your group and luggage from anywhere in the region.

Do we need to bring any special clothes?

We would advise bringing a waterproof coat. Climate change is a slow process and Northern Ireland still has twice the rainfall of Spain. ☹ Only soft-soled, non-marking shoes please.

What if I get seasick?

Seasickness normally takes a few hours, so we should be back on dry land before it takes effect. Even Admiral Nelson got seasick, so don’t worry too much about it. If you stay warm, well rested and well hydrated you improve your chances. Anxiety is a factor too, so sit back and enjoy the trip.

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Party on a Boat
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